Friday, June 19, 2009

Home education stamped upon by Illuminati

You know, it’s the people who take life very very seriously who always get the ‘power’ roles. This chap is the UK’s Education Secretary:

Ed Balls is his name, and you can bet he takes life very very seriously. You can also bet that he doesn’t give a damn about the public he pretends to represent. He’ll be far more interested in furthering his career because in this oh-so-serious thing called life a serious man is duty bound to further his serious career. As if that should ever matter in a sane society.

Balls and his Government cronies commissioned a report into Home Education under the guise of investigating whether or not the children who are taught at home could be under greater risk of abuse. What a joke that idea would be if the world weren’t treated so seriously. But it is, and so the report was produced and the government has accepted every bit of it.
Of course they have! They already knew what the outcome would be before the investigations took place. What would be the point of commissioning a report otherwise? This is government we are talking about here and its raison d’etre is the enslavement of its people.

If you are going to enslave your people you sure as hell don’t want them being educated. If they are educated they can see how to break free of the chains.

While the masses are sleeping away in pseudo cosiness, hypnotised by a dull state education and its totally skewed version of reality, there are families here and there who choose to be independent from the education system that tells their children how it is - or rather, how it isn’t. Some parents choose not to involve their children in the mass dumbing down of culture, instead acting as teachers themselves.

Guess how the government views them…

… with more than just a little suspicion. “These children are loose cannons and they must be brought under our control. They might even learn for themselves that life is just an illusion. We cannot allow this to happen!”

As luck would have it for the government, the report makes the sort of recommendations that governments really like. Recommendations which increase state control over children’s education.

For the first time, local councils will have the power to enter family homes and question young children [alone], under new plans.
They will also be able to order under-16s to school if there are fears about their safety or quality of education.
Families' groups said they were "absolutely devastated" by the move, claiming it undermined their freedom to educate children beyond state control.
he review - accepted in full by the Government - said officials from local authorities should have the right to access their home with just two weeks' notice and speak to children to ensure they were "safe and well". They can revoke the right to home schooling if they have serious concerns over their welfare, it said.

Parents must also submit a statement outlining what children will be taught over the following 12 months.

Councils can impose a "school attendance order" if they believe the education received is not up to scratch, with parents facing legal action if they refuse.

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