Saturday, April 17, 2010

Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem

'There are many levels of subterfuge. George Soros and Rahm Emanuel, both internationalist Jews, are scripting Obama. Very few at this time realize the intent. Obama is given a worldwide Muslim image. Internationalist Jewish media publicized Obamamania as they did Beatlemania. Why?

The reasons center on the raising of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the matter of Israel's demographic war. In the first case, the Temple is only 18 minutes away from being raised above ground. This is done through computerized hydraulics. While at the Dead Sea, this was mentioned to Eric Zieber who held a discussion with a retired IDF general. The general revealed that since 1990, a tunnel from the Dead Sea to beneath the Temple Mount, allowed workers to eventually perform this technological feat. [I can't believe this.This tunnel would have to be 30 miles long.]
In the 1980s, eschatologists generally held the view that it would be at least 15 years to the raising of the Temple, once work had begun on it. Years later, through remarkable technological advancements, the estimate was realistically lowered to six years from its inception. But now we see it will take only 18 minutes to raise through computer hydraulics. [I don't believe it.] There is just one prerequisite for Israel to do so...

That is, under the present Muslim demographics in Israel, it would be instant genocide for Jews living in the Holy Land to do this. So at least two million have to be transported into the United States of America - through US taxpayer money - and Canada. The international Jewish media earlier publicized this was a "Jesuit" plan; but now Obama with his well-known Islamic leanings can take the credit for this demographic move. [Is there any evidence that Muslims immigrants to the US come from the West Bank and Gaza?] 

Once accomplished, the Temple will then be raised with ineffective resistance from the Islamic world...  (Hydraulics are nothing new.  As Michael Rood reveals in an excellent presentation on the Book of Chronicles in the Old Testament, the ark of the covenant was hydraulically lowered from the Holy of Holies to slide to just beneath Calvary. 

Years later, when Christ was crucified, the ground was opened and His Blood spilled onto the right side, reserved for Him.  In the 1980s, the ark was found 65 feet beneath Calvary.  Unable to be brought up - nine rabbis died in nine separate attempts - a blood sample was taken from the right side, the DNA revealing in a Tel Aviv lab, that there was an earthly mother but no earthly father.) [No comment.]
Another reason Jews want Muslims in North America: The current demographic rate in Israel for the Islamic people are 8 births to every one death, while Israel's is one-to-one. This alone allows the Muslims to win the demographic war by 2020. So internationalist Jewry feels the need to relocate Muslims somewhere else and the taxpayers of the United States of America have the money to move them. [Again, where is the evidence?]

Too, with the goal of Humanist Manifesto II to follow up on Club of Rome findings (that the earth's natural and mineral resources cannot support more than 2.5 billion and that's what the Beast computer in Brussels is configured for, revealed by a former El Al computer whiz who was invited to work on it in Brussels) the present 6.7 billion world population can be significantly reduced, in their eyes, through North American Christian and Muslim conflict.

What is wrong with the Temple raised above ground? In the New Testament, when the Temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, it signaled the New Testament in the sense that now every individual believer in Christ was a "Temple of the Holy Spirit."

The physical Temple in Jerusalem was relegated to the Old Testament. When it is raised again, internationalist Jewry basically sees it as a symbolic unifier for the reformed, conservative, New Age and secular Jews, a cultural element for their naturalist perspective.

 (The two prophets will supernaturally oppose this naturalist perspective before and after they are raised from the dead.) And when we read Paul Blanshard's Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power, we see from Chapter IV, "Devices of Deification," that the world leader to sit in this temple is deified for political purposes, as several predecessors were in the 20th century.

The world view of the Third Temple will be that of Unitarian-coordinating Interfaith and of the Baha'i temples, such as those in Chicago and Haifa. One can picture nights when Chicago socialists Rahm Emanuel and Obama walked passed the Wilmington Baha'i temple, contemplating the dark success of the future Temple in Israel...

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