Friday, April 2, 2010

Rothschild Zionist Frauds, The Infidels of the House of Saud.

House of Bush, House of Saud: 
The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties

'Oh my darling, you are so gorgeous.' 
'And so are you precious one, I love your brain-cell, it is so beautiful.' 
'See you at the ritual tonight?' 
'Of course, precious, lots of blood, I hope.'

The Saudis received investments and military protection in exchange for cooperation on lucrative oil deals

The fraudulent and fascist  'House of Saud', a Rothschild Zionist bloodline in disquise, and corrupt to their fingertips, to 'behead psychic for sorcery' when they are themselves blood-drinking, human-sacrificing Satanists.

The Satanic, sex-obsessed, alcohol-drinking gang of vicious hypocrites, better known as the House of Saud. 
Have you seen these people? Wanted for mass murder and gross hypocrisy.

The Al-Saud are, to anyone who looks, the most corrupt of despots. Now the Al-Saud take not all, but a great deal, of the national wealth. And so do the "royal" families in Kuwait (the Al-Sabah), Qatar (the Al-Thani), the United Arab Emirates. And if you don't like it, and you are a Muslim, the only categories of praise and blame you know are the categories offered by Islam.

And if you need proof that they are Infidels, the fact that they permitted American troops onto holy Arabian soil is enough – even though they did this not out of any love for Infidels (the Saudis treat the American airmen as hired hands, with the same contempt that they accord to all their wage-slaves in Saudi Arabia), but because the Americans were there originally to help fend off a threatening Saddam Hussein, whose troops were in Kuwait. And even though these troops remained there only as the guarantor of the safety (and means of escape, should things ever get dicey) of at least a few thousand of the "royal" family, its princes, princelings, princelettes, and whatever loot they could carry with him to add to the hundreds of billions pre-positioned for their future support, abroad.

The American government appears to accept the Saudi argument that the Al-Saud are the best that Saudi Arabia can do. This is not self-evident. It may be that constant turmoil in Saudi Arabia would be a good thing: funds would have to be expended to protect that awful family from equally awful but not as corrupt opponents of that family, thus using up at least some of the discretionary income -- the tens of billions -- that now go to pay for mosques, madrasas, anti-Infidel hate literature, propaganda, Da'wa campaigns, and an army of Western hirelings in the service of Saudi Arabia. At least it is not to be simply dismissed.
We now see Saudi Arabia for what it is--though for three decades at least some others, most notably J. B. Kelly, have been telling us the truth that has been so suddenly discovered. Observers now exclaim over what they write in Saudi textbooks, failing to realize that not only are such things staples in Saudi Arabia, but that they always have been, and of course always will be as long as Saudi Arabia remained a country full of True Believers in Wahhabi Islam, or even un-True Believers who nonetheless are affected by the attitudes and atmospherics of the noxious doctrines they think have no effect on them, but do.

The Saudis have no objection to islamizing the Infidels. They have no objection to the treatment meted out to the Hindus in Bangladesh or to the Christians in Indonesia, or the Sudan, or elsewhere. Far from it. The Al-Saud family only wishes to deflect all hatred toward themselves (the real Infidels), and are horrified to find that any Muslim in his right mind should consider them to be fit objects of terrorist or other attack.
Infidels have not yet understood that their interest is the opposite. We should wish all Muslim efforts to be directed against other Muslims, not at Infidels. Who cares if the Saudi rulers have to spend another ten or twenty or thirty billion dollars on anti-Al Qaeda measures? Who cares if, in order to keep the army of foreign wage-slaves who might require large boosts in salary (at least among the doctors and other professionals), if these wage-slaves are to be induced to remain in a more dangerous environment, the Saudis have to double or triple those wages?



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