Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Satanists Won't Tell You

What Satanists won't tell you is that they kill people, especially children, in all their rituals, so they can harvest the vital energy to open portals through which demons arrive and materialize for a short time in order to give instructions.

They also have another kind of complex rituals, applied over specific places (guided by gematria, numerology and leylines, all BS), in order to open spiritual gates so demons locked in the Abyss can come to this plane. They believe that they can take over only when all these demons are here.

Almost all of  the 96 gates have been opened, and that is why they are so excited, even though this is all within God's control and time line. Until God removes the restrainer, a million rituals would do no good. In a sense, God is making them run with no purpose.

Neither they will tell you that they are often defeated by prayer and protection by God's angels. They know they can't touch God's anointed (common saved folks). Their demon guides tell them specifically never to send them to attack a real believer. When they astral travel to a believers house, they get a beating from God's angels.

What kind of powerful master do they have? It is a joke. That's why they hate faithful prayers and do all they can in order to destroy them. All the power they have comes from the fact that God is patient and respects people's free will. Until judgment comes. They will rule for three  years and a half, and then it is over. Forever.

It is not a good life to have money and be under the thumb of a hateful, irate demon, complex rituals and rules all the time. It is slavery. Satan loves to create busyness, to make people run up and down, in order to create a fiction that they are special, an elite, to play with their pride.

He never could say the truth, that he despises humans and is just using this "elite" to destroy the rest, that he just wants company in misery. Many Grand Mothers of Darkness have a specific age when they must be sacrificed and pass the position to a younger one.

Some Satanists offer themselves in sacrifice, like it is a great honor. Many are killed for a minor misstep, as an example, so they are all in fear all the time. One must defer many times to a lesser person, just because he has a more powerful demon on his side. It is all based on the hierarchy of demons, Satan at the top, four under him (B. A. A. L.) taking care of a global region and an element (The US is ruled by air, South America by water, etc), 5 under each, and so on. The person is just a tool, a vessel. Some Satanists acknowledge that they live in a daily hell, but are too afraid to leave.

It is ironic that Satan sells independence, autonomy, but his followers are controlled slaves and get exactly the opposite.

The funny thing is that while the naive Satanists are all glad that their time has come, Satan himself and all the demons who deceive them know very well that their time is short, and that they are going very soon to the lake of fire. That's why they want to bring as many as possible with them.

Satanists are in for a big surprise ! God always use Satan as a string puppet, he was fooled, he will be fooled again. We will see the greatest revival of people coming to God in history during the end times.

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