Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soros: Gold, Dollar Collapse and NWO

Keep in mind Soros is called “The man than broke the Bank of England” he made 1 billion dollars short selling UK pounds on what was later called “Black Wednesday”, forcing UK to devaluate.
Maybe this all seems like far away and little consequence to you. Probably sitting in front of the computer now, over in USA several thousand miles away. Well, then you probably should check this video

Before Argentina collapsed financially in 2002 the IMF along with the help of corrupt local politicians including the ex-president Carlos Menem and former minister of economic( from Harvard), Domingo Cavallo, buried the country in public debt and then forced the selling of national assets including oil, airlines and other state owned companies. After the country was left in ruins a man named George Soros moved in and bought huge amounts of land and producing capital, becoming the largest holder of land for beef production, as well as soy bean plantation and the largest owner of processed daily production companies. George Soros was no stranger to Argentina and other emerging markets like Brazil, but his financial movements have always been… lets just call them, extremely well timed. Soros owned lots of real estate in Argentina during the 90’s some of the most significant buildings and shopping malls. He sold them right before the economic collapse and then moved back to buy land and property after the devaluation. Since he already knew where the country was going he also speculated with Argentine debt when it collapsed. Soros owns massive amounts of lands in Uruguay and Argentina as well. His objective? “Our mission is to become leading food and agricultural company in the planet”
Sound Familiar with the circumstances that we are witnessing in America today? Listen to the Video again and you may be able to figure out George Soro's plan for destroying  America. Gold is a huge part of the New World Order Plan, Soro's openly discusses this in the video, too.
Please pass this link on to everyone you can, Obama is Soro's boy. Do you doubt that? Read more facts below.
In April 2005, Soros got together in a secretive meeting (called “the Phoneix Group” ) with about 70 other like-minded elite rich left leaning Democrats. The purpose of this meeting was to see what they would do about the US political situation in the next 5 years. Soros donated $23,581,000 to various “527” groups dedicated to defeating President Bush.( A 527 group is a type of American tax-exempt organization named after a section of the United States tax code, 26 U.S.C. § 527. This party within the Democratic party became known as the “Shadow Party”, these guys, billionaires in the financial and tech sector, support politicians of their choosing through direct donations (as large as legally possible) and through their foundations and non profit orgnaizations, such as moveon dot org. The rabbit hole goes on with implications on how to handle the media so as to change people’s opinion, get reporters, journalists and why not celebrities in their pockets.
When the anti-Bush campaign failed, Soros secretively gathered with other like minded elite so as to decide what to do next. A young charismatic Obama was chosen as the focus of their new efforts. Not only with the largest possible legal donation but using other channels as well, including what may have been millions of $25 private donations. When you hear for example that 90% of the donations to the Clinton Foundation comes from $250 donors, these are the things you don’t see due to its lack of transparency.
People think its Bob and Jane selling pies to send 250 bucks to Hillary because they just like her, when in reality its 10.000 x250 donations by the same person, or 31 millions from a uranium mining company owner in Kazakhstan.
But what about the IMF? And the World Bank? What’s that got to do with all this?
Its all the same old buddies, scratching each other´s back, supporting one another’s foundations or charities or whatever legal structure they are using.

World Bank Flag
KAOS from "Get Smart" more innocent and less creepy.

If USA ever ends up like Argentina, it will be because its orchestrated that way, because that’s exactly what these men want. And they are saying so as clearly as possible.

Prepare as well as you can. Without panicking, without going nuts and hiding under your bed or running for the hills, but fully understanding that things have already changed and will keep changing, sometimes not for good.

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